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You know [what] matters. Here's why?

Why [It] Matters is a world news and economics podcast focused on answering the question less asked. Each episode weaves together economic data, anecdotes, famous speeches, and music by independent artists in an attempt to figure out the world, one [it] at a time.


May 26, 2017

Disagreeing is hard. Disagreeing about politics is especially hard. But if you really believe in reaching across the aisle, or the dinner table for that matter, the best course of action remains... talking. 

It's an odd day when I'm making the case for talking to people. It's a case worth making.


Apr 28, 2017

Hold up... we, the American people, agree on things?

Stats attributed to Pew Research Center & FiveThirtyEight.

Music by Kevin Macleod @

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"Cantina Blues," "RetroFuture Nasty," "Take the Lead," "Over Under"


Mar 1, 2017

Why [The Rest of the World] Matters. Did I really have to make this episode? Apparently, yes.

Music feat. 3hattrio ( & Ari and Mia ( Look out for 3hattrio's Northwest US tour in March 2017!

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