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You know [what] matters. Here's why?

Why [It] Matters is a world news and economics podcast focused on answering the question less asked. Each episode weaves together economic data, anecdotes, famous speeches, and music by independent artists in an attempt to figure out the world, one [it] at a time.


Nov 6, 2016

Why The Vote Matters. Simple... right?


Music by Ari & Mia: For more of the Bostonian Americana sisters, check their music out at

President Lyndon Johnson clips from the Miller Center website (, and the University of Virginia.

For further study:

The Myth of the Rational Voter, by Bryan Caplan (source of Miracle of Aggregation discussion).

Crash Course on YouTube, for easy & funny education on pretty much anything.

This episode was produced by Mitch Collins. Comments/questions/corrections/debate can be sent to

Why [It] Matters will return in January, with one episode every month. Happy voting, folks.

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